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Meet the team

Reliable & Professional

Title Insurance and Settlement Services are not something you can learn in school.  This industry is built by tribal knowledge and legacy training.  As veterans in the industry, our team has trained and launched many aspiring real estate closers, sales people and title examiners into the industry.  That’s why, we know, our team is built to withstand just about anything.

core values

We don’t hire just anyone.  Our team is hand picked and works like a well oiled machine.  NuWay Title & Escrow is always looking for talent, but just know, we will confirm that our core values are acceptable and embraced by our employees.  Our vision of working hard, giving the very best service humanly possible, and closing the gap is very important to the well-being of our team and employees. 

Character, Culture and Commitment.  We are focused on providing quality of life, excellence in service, ethical handling of transactions, and careful consideration for the well-being of our employees, clients, and their transactions.

Company Founders

Robin Nash, SVP Escrow & Sales

With over 35 years in the real estate and title industry, Robin's experience brings solidity and assurance that our company's policies, procedures and best practices are tried and true. As a philanthropist, mom, wife, Nani, and friend to many, she lives life to the fullest everyday while enjoying her career immensely. Some call her a work-a-holic but she says its work-a-love-it!

John Simmons, Co-Owner

Co-Founder of C3 Real Estate Solutions, and current broker, John's experience as an executive chef, hospitality manager, and veteran Army Ranger translate in the industry to excellent work ethics and customer service intuition. His guidance in this area helps NuWay stand apart. As a family man, John spends his spare time teaching his boys skills, volunteering, and spending time with his wife Ana.

Jesse Laner, Co-Owner

Co-Founder of C3 Real Estate Solutions, Jesse's experience in running a brokerage, mentoring agents and creating an excellent strategy for providing high level service, translates to the services NuWay provides. His attention to detail always helps us grow. As a father and husband, his spare time is spent with his family doing outdoor activities, community involvement and traveling to his home state of Alaska.

The escrow Team

Kate Hatfield

Vice President of Escrow

Maggie Medrano

Bilingual Senior Escrow Officer