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strength through underwriters

Financially sound underwriters, shield you from the elements…

Underwriters provide backing for title insurance providers in many ways.  Title insurance protections insures against past elements that may cloud clear title to you or your client’s property.  Without a strong team of title examiners, and underwriters, your property could be at risk.  

NuWay Title & Escrow takes pride in choosing our underwriters based on their financial stability, client responsiveness, and ease of access.  Without good underwriting, we would fall short in providing the most valuable of assurance through our title insurance policy.  

Not only is it important for us to choose wisely when adding underwriters to our team, they are very particular about what agents, such as NuWay Title & Escrow, they will back.  The underwriter approval process is rigorous and daunting only because they won’t partner with just anyone.  NuWay’s team of highly skilled individuals with more than 100 years of combined experience, deep pocket backing, excellent systems and best practices warranted the partnership with First American Title Insurance Company, and First National Title Insurance Company, both nationally renound underwriters.  

We are proud of our alliances and take them seriously.  Prompt reporting and policy issuance plays a small part in securing the relationship for the future.  Responsiveness to claims questions and excellent customer service all play a large part in whether an underwriter will continue a relationship.  


First National Title Insurance Company is a Texas based underwriter.  Though recently new to Colorado, they have been insuring transactions successfully for the last 10 years.  Their fresh ideas and hands on approach to assisting agents such as NuWay Title & Escrow, truly help them stand out from the rest.  Financially sound and proven through ratings such as AM Best and Standard & Poor’s, your transaction is secure.

First American Title Insurance Company is a national underwriter with over 125 years insuring properties throughout the US.  They provide comprehensive title insurance protection and quality information backed by a culture of integrity and confidence.  They stand behind their products and services and take pride in responsive claims management.  Their AM Best ratings are a testiment to the leadership this company holds in the title insurance industry as a whole.